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Self closing iframe tag fails Javascript execution

On a project I am currently working on, I have to use an iframe. Since I included the iframe in my web application, the Javascript code beneath it stopped working immediately. I did not see the problem at first and had a tough time finding out the iframe caused the problem. As it were, I used a self-closing iframe. The solution to the problem was to add a closing iframe tag instead of using a self-closing iframe… Simple solution, but I assume more people will face this problem as I did ;) .

Happy coding!

USB device fails to install suddenly – the solution

I use several devices which must connect to my Wndows 7 pc often. Some days ago, suddenly I did not succeed in coupling them to my pc. The problem seems to be security related. My solution:

  • Open a command prompt window using elevated rights.
  • Type the following command in the window: net localgroup Administrators local service /add
  • Press Enter
  • Done (at least, you should be)!

It is probably a little too agressive to solve the problem like I did, but I assume you can use this command as a work-around or as a reference for a better solution. In that last case, I would definitely like to see your solution in the comments section ;) .

Twitter and my blog…

Hi all,

Lately I seem to use Twitter more than I use my blog. Keeping up on Twitter is easier than writing entire blog items ;) . I just added the WP to Twitter plugin to my blog to notice my followers that I blog sometimes. Therefore, if you are interested in my short messages to the world as well ánd want to stay tuned with my progress at this blog, I hereby invite you to follow me: @loedeman.

Happy coding! Cheers!

How to find public key token for a .NET DLL or assembly

I had to find the public key token for a strongly named assembly in .NET. Searching for a solution, I came along Wriju’s Blog. It appears the answer is very simple: use the .NET Framework tool ‘sn.exe’. Since I do not want to forget about this one, here it is:

  1. Open the Visual Studio <version reflecting DLL creator/signer> Command Prompt
  2. Point to the dll’s folder you want to get the public key
  3. Use the following command: sn –T myDLL.dll

This will give you the public key token. Of course this only works if the assembly is strongly signed :) .

Semantic versioning – the way you should do it

It seems everyone I meet is struggling with software versioning. Although it should be fairly easy to deliver consistently versioned software, it almost always appears to be ‘nearly perfect’. And just that ‘nearly’ part makes it crappy and unreliable. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel ;) : here is a great post about semantic versioning – the way you should do it: