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How to sync favorites from Outlook to Outlook Web Access (OWA)

In Outlook I heavily use some favorite/search folders (for instance, the search folder for mails that need follow up). I use Microsoft Exchange 2010 and therefore have Outlook Web Access (OWA) as webmail client. Although there is a favorites bar in OWA, I did not get it equal to my Outlook favorites. Luckily, I discovered that this is in fact possible (sorry, screenshots are in Dutch, the icons should look familiar though):

  1. In your mail profile (via Control Panel), uncheck the checkbox for ‘Use Cached Exchange mode’.


  2. Restart Outlook.
  3. Wait for some magical seconds (and maybe now create some favorites/search folders).
  4. Navigate to OWA (or refresh) and see the favorites and search folders to be synced.

  5. You can now recheck the checkbox from 1. again if you like…

Done! Good luck!

First aid…

Again, off topic… But there is news to announce :) : I just passed my first aid exam – or EHBO axam in Dutch - (that’s one of many hobbies).

EHBO logo

If you are going to be out of luck some way and I happen to be in the neighbourhood, pray for me really knowing everything by heart at that moment ;) !

Just banned IE6

Hi all,

Unfortunately for all my blog readers stuck on IE6, I decided to leave IE6 without water and bread to help it die :) . In plain English: visitors to my blog using this crappy browser no longer get access to my blog, instead they are facing a nice-looking popup, asking them nicely if they already know to be outdated (and how to become alive again :) ).

The idea comes from As a programmer, I decided to tweak the script a little to provide a better looking popup for my beloved IE6 visitors (statistics state that they are responsible for about 7% of my site visits, when I am writing this post – something to keep in mind when designing the get-alive-screen :) ).

What did I change?

  1. I added some scripting to disable select boxes below my popup (guess: a nasty IE bug keeps popping them over my popup, which troubles the IE6 view on my blog).
  2. I also changed the background to #ccc for a more relaxed view.
  3. For the same reason  I also changed opacity around the popup to 75% (just enough to see how interesting the blog could be, should they not have IE6 anymore).

Have a look at the result:

Bye IE6!

You can download the source code for this goal on the website mentioned above. The altered javascript file is located here: warning.js. Good luck banning IE6 :) !