Just banned IE6

Hi all,

Unfortunately for all my blog readers stuck on IE6, I decided to leave IE6 without water and bread to help it die :) . In plain English: visitors to my blog using this crappy browser no longer get access to my blog, instead they are facing a nice-looking popup, asking them nicely if they already know to be outdated (and how to become alive again :) ).

The idea comes from http://code.google.com/p/ie6-upgrade-warning/. As a programmer, I decided to tweak the script a little to provide a better looking popup for my beloved IE6 visitors (statistics state that they are responsible for about 7% of my site visits, when I am writing this post – something to keep in mind when designing the get-alive-screen :) ).

What did I change?

  1. I added some scripting to disable select boxes below my popup (guess: a nasty IE bug keeps popping them over my popup, which troubles the IE6 view on my blog).
  2. I also changed the background to #ccc for a more relaxed view.
  3. For the same reason  I also changed opacity around the popup to 75% (just enough to see how interesting the blog could be, should they not have IE6 anymore).

Have a look at the result:

Bye IE6!

You can download the source code for this goal on the website mentioned above. The altered javascript file is located here: warning.js. Good luck banning IE6 :) !

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