Red-Gate’s Reflector to be paid for – free alternatives?

Hi folks,

I recently discoverd that by the end of February 2011 Red-Gate stops providing Reflector for free. Although their reason sounds obvious (they cannot work for free), I think many developers still rather prefer a free IL deassembler tool. Luckily, Scott Hanselman twittered about free open source alternatives. Those open source alternative IL deassembler projects are both based on the Mono Cecil project.

I would hereby like to share them with you:

Happy coding! Cheers!

PS. Of course I am very much interested in other free alternatives. Please post your comments if any ;)

UPDATE 04/27/2011: On Twitter I heard @dotnetreflector say to @haacked that they are releasing Reflector v6 with no expiry date for existing users in May 2011!

4 thoughts on “Red-Gate’s Reflector to be paid for – free alternatives?

  1. Bert Loedeman Post author

    Hi Erik!

    Long time no see :) ! Life is good over here! I’m still a happy coder ;) . How about you? Still happy @ NedFox? What about Marcel?

    Of course it was to be expected that Red-Gate wouldn’t support Reflector forever for free. They are a company living from their software. And $30 is not thát bad after all ;) . However, I still like free software over paid software. At this very moment, I use ILSpy. The main reason: ILSpy installed with more ease than Monoflevor did :) . I will give them a chance both though.


  2. Bert Loedeman Post author

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for yet another free alternative! Will check out that one too ;) .

    Cheers, Bert

  3. Erik

    Hi Bert,

    How’s life? Thanks for the warning!
    Too bad that reflector is not free anymore.. was a nice app.
    What deassembler has your own preference? Monoflector or ILSpy?

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