Delete workspace from no longer existing TFS

A week ago I started to use a new TFS server (TFS 2008). The old TFS server got phased out yesterday after moving all sources to the new TFS server. Doesn’t sound like a problem, does it? However, I forgot to remember my laptop: my old workspace was still in there, but to delete a workspace the normal way the TFS server should be available. At itself, this is still not much of a problem, however: when you would like to map your new source control folders to the old ones on disk, this is not possible since the old workspace is still mapped to that location. Arghhh!!!

Luckily, there is a tf.exe command tool switch (discussed a few minutes ago in my previous blog post) to cope with this problem: use ‘tf workspaces /remove:*’ and all cached workspaces will be gone! Problem solved!